Northern Instrument LLC

Convert your Photo Albums, Slides, Home Movies and Videos to DVD! We convert all Photo's, Slides, VHS, VHS-C, Sony Handycam, 8mm, Digital 8, Hi8, Mini DV, Film (8mm, 16mm, Super8), Betamax to DVD.

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All work done right here in Wauwatosa Wisconsin! 
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Did you know?
Best quality digital transfer of old tapes is achieved using DVD. Did you know that most Blu-Ray/DVD players today will upconvert any DVD to near HD quality? Plus many customers like to have a physical DVD, which can be stored easily, and can be used to edit or convert to MP4 digital file for devices that don't have DVD player, like Smartphones and Tablets.

We proudly use ALL Sony video equipment.

  • Transfer all of your Slides, 3D Slides, Pictures, 8mm and 16mm Film Reel, VHS, VHS-C, Betamax and Handycam 8mm Camcorder media to DVD or External Hard Drive.

  • All Video's to DVD are transferred directly to digital using Sony equipment.  I ensure the entire tape is transferred.

  • Scan every Photo Album you have to restore color and save digitally to your computer, then watch on your TV with free Slideshow DVD. Also you can email your pictures or post on Facebook or website!

  • Every slide is scanned, then edited in Photoshop where I manually correct the color and contrast, and remove blemishes, and FLIP the side so it is not backwards. Every slide is inspected by hand. Included in the price! Carousels should be numbered before work begins.

  • BONUS! All slides and Photo's come with both a DVD to watch on your TV, and a JPEG Data Disc that contains each slide as a jpeg for your computer that you can email or save for archiving!
    Included free with every order. ($50 min)
    Extra copies only $10!

  • Piece of mind, knowing all of your old pictures, slides, and film have been digitized, and saved for years to come.

  • Does not matter how many items you have, from 100 or 10,000.

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Northern Instrument
2417 North 96th Street
Wauwatosa, WI
53226 (MAP)
(414) 258-1986 

Computer/IT Services

Have us backup all of your pictures, videos, and music onto an external hard drive, check for viruses and spyware, and optimize your entire system, and return your computer within 3 days. By Appointment...

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