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Northern Instrument
2417 North 96th Street
Wauwatosa, WI
53226 (MAP)
(414) 258-1986 

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Welcome to Northern Instrument

Microsoft Windows Laptop/Desktop Computer help and services. I also work on IPad's, and IPhone's. I do not work on Apple computers.
Personal Technology Consultant for Small Businesses. Home based, family owned and operated, since 1991, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  Ask Dan a question via email here for free, and no obligation.

You already have a plumber, electrician, roofer, handyman; everyone needs a Technology Consultant, who works with your best interest in mind! Let's get what you already have, working! If needed upgrade it and I will show you how to use it correctly with my Tutoring Services!

For 25 years, helping Doctors, Lawyers, Business Professionals, Small Business Owners, Moms and Dads, Grandpa and Granma's just like you!
I make house calls with no trip charge! (1 hour minimum) $70/hour (other service priced individually)

Had enough? Head up North.
Head to Northern Instrument. Making technology easier, for you!

Now part of Amazon Services!

Complete Professional Music Video Package (on sale $249)

Includes everything: transfer of up to 200 slides and photos and/or 1 hour of video, with music of your choice! Includes pans and zooms, similar to a documentary. Perfect for a Holiday Gift, Graduations, Confirmations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals. A great way to celebrate an individual. Give a priceless keepscake, that everyone will treasure.
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Windows Password Reset

Have Dan reset your Windows login password, without losing any data. Maybe you or your employee, or family member forgot the Windows login, and now you are locked out. Dan can reset the password for you, for flat fee of $90. Typically takes 1 day. Verification of ownership required.   Contact Dan via email here!

Are you getting a new computer?

Have Dan transfer and organize all of your files from your old computer to your new one, including email, contacts, pictures, favorites, and documents. Install new versions of Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and more if needed. Dan can also get rid of anoying pop ups, optimize and cleanup programs not needed, and check your security settings. Get your new computer setup right!
Contact Dan via email here!

Do you have Windows 8, or 10 and hate it?
Let Dan turn it into Windows 7 (well, it will look and feel more like Windows 7) for only $70.

Virus Removal/Windows Computer Optimization/Backup

Virus removal, cleanup and optimization of computer, and backup of your files. Contact Dan via email here!
2-3 day turnaround turnaround.
Make your computer run like new. Don't buy a new computer! This is a great option, if you have a newer Windows desktop or laptop, that is running slow. Backup included!

Slides and Photo Scanning, Video Conversion and Transfer Services
We can scan everything! Makes a great gift.
Digitize your life!

Convert your Photo Albums, Slides, Home Movies and Camcorder tapes to DVD and MP4! We convert all Photo's, Slides, Glass Slides, VHS, VHS-C, Camcorder, 8mm, Digital 8, Hi8, Mini DV, Film (8mm, 16mm, Super8), Betamax

Piece of mind, knowing all of your old pictures, slides, and film have been digitized, and saved for years to come. Digitize your life!

BACKUP YOUR COMPUTER, even if your computer no longer works.
Did you know that if your computer hard drive crashes and you want your pictures, music, and other files back, it can cost between $5,000-$10,000 to recover them? Even if your computer no longer boots up, it may be possible to get all of your files back! Now is a great time to backup all of your precious files onto an external hard drive, which can be stored in a safe location! Have Dan backup your files for you today!

Contact Dan today to schedule a backup!

We're delighted you found Northern Instrument. Not sure where to begin? Advice is always given free via email.

... contact Dan via email here!

Had enough? Head up North. 
Head to Northern Instrument. Making technology easier, for you!